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  • Featured PSI Member: Mariella Suleiman October 2, 2018
    Fired Up about PMADs and Taking Action in Jordan by Vanessa Park One of the events at the annual PSI conference that I especially look forward to is the new members reception. This past July in Houston, I met Mariella Suleiman, a vibrant, engaging young woman from Jordan. She had just graduated from medical school... […]
  • Featured PSI Member: Heather Anne Swensen Motta August 22, 2018
    PSI Volunteer Heather Anne Swensen Motta: Climb Out of the Darkness Brazil Team Leader, Brazil Coordinator Note: There are many types of perinatal mental health disorders, and at times a range of unexpected consequences. This interview makes note of a tragic outcome that was a consequence of one woman’s illness. Please reach out to us... […]
  • Dads mental health June 17, 2018
    by Mark Williams for the PSI Blog June 17, 2018 I was one of those people who was completely uneducated about depression until it came knocking at my door in 2004. It wasn’t until my wonderful wife, Michelle, went through an emergency C-section and severe postnatal depression that it had an impact on me and my... […]

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  • Oct 19, Vote for a better future October 19, 2018
    We must hold our politicians accountable, because our kids cannot. Vote for representatives who respect facts and democratic norms. People who reject science must not control our children’s future.
  • Oct 11, Compassionate deception: Do children tell lies to be kind? October 11, 2018
    Do children tell prosocial lies – lies intended to protect another person from harm? Fascinating experiments indicate that many kids are capable of this by the age of 7, and some children show the capacity even earlier.
  • Oct 4, Punitive environments encourage children to tell lies October 4, 2018
    It's not unusual for kids to tell lies, but their readiness to deceive depends on the social environment. When adults attempt to control children through threats and punishments, kids are more likely to cover-up their transgressions. What can we do about it?


  • As Moms We Need to Start Talking About the Opioid Crisis September 2, 2018
    Over the last four years the opioid crisis has been gaining speed while claiming 100s of thousands of lives. Across the United States it’s estimated that 116 people die from opioid overdose every day. That’s a lot of people. It’s more than those dying in car accidents or from gun violence. Moms Need to Talk… […]
  • I’m a Mom with Anxiety and Depression and Here’s How I Manage Both July 14, 2018
    Anxiety and depression carry with them a lot of stigma and shame. Before I had my son I struggled with both but rarely admitted this anyone, even my doctor. I had a few failed attempts when I tried antidepressants and took up long distance running to balance my mood. It seemed to work and I… […]
  • Patricia Tomasi: Maternal Mental Health is a Women’s Rights Issue May 2, 2018
    I got pregnant pretty fast. We thought it would take at least six months because that was the norm among our couple friends. But all it took was one quick romp on the couch before dinner on a Tuesday to make it happen. We didn’t even take our clothes off except, for, you know… We… […]