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  • Dads mental health June 17, 2018
    by Mark Williams for the PSI Blog June 17, 2018 I was one of those people who was completely uneducated about depression until it came knocking at my door in 2004. It wasn’t until my wonderful wife, Michelle, went through an emergency C-section and severe postnatal depression that it had an impact on me and my... […]
  • Men and Postnatal Mental Illness June 14, 2018
    Men and Postnatal Mental Illness by Dr Andrew Mayers 14 June 2018 Over the past few years, there has been an increase in awareness about maternal mental illnesses, including postnatal depression, postpartum psychosis, maternal obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following birth trauma. Global campaigns have led to greater public, media, and political awareness.... […]
  • Featured PSI Member: Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter June 4, 2018
    Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter is a maternal child and pediatric clinical social worker for university-affiliated teaching hospital Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) in Colton, California. Currently teaching at California State University San Bernardino, Dr. Flores-Carter will be at California Baptist University starting in August 2018 as an Assistant Professor in the Masters of Social Work program.... […]

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  • Aug 15, The benefits of toy blocks: The science of construction play August 15, 2018
    Playing with toy blocks helps kids develop better motor and spatial skills. It may also boost creativity, focus, and mathematical ability. But to unleash these benefits, kids need to do more than move blocks around. Learn how to make block play more stimulating and engaging.
  • Aug 8, How video games affect school performance August 8, 2018
    Frequent play can cause problems – if kids play so much that they neglect their school work or lose sleep. But certain video games can boost spatial skills, and there is evidence that moderate usage of video games could actually enhance school performance.
  • Aug 1, Positive parenting tips August 1, 2018
    Positive parenting is more effective than punitive discipline, and it helps buffer kids from toxic stress. How can you make it work? Check out these positive parenting tips.


  • I’m a Mom with Anxiety and Depression and Here’s How I Manage Both July 14, 2018
    Anxiety and depression carry with them a lot of stigma and shame. Before I had my son I struggled with both but rarely admitted this anyone, even my doctor. I had a few failed attempts when I tried antidepressants and took up long distance running to balance my mood. It seemed to work and I… […]
  • Patricia Tomasi: Maternal Mental Health is a Women’s Rights Issue May 2, 2018
    I got pregnant pretty fast. We thought it would take at least six months because that was the norm among our couple friends. But all it took was one quick romp on the couch before dinner on a Tuesday to make it happen. We didn’t even take our clothes off except, for, you know… We… […]
  • Featured Study: Peer Administered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Postpartum Depression May 1, 2018
    Name of study Peer Administered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Postpartum Depression (PPD) Brief description of study Even though PPD affects 20% of the population, less than 15% of women receive evidence-based care. This study, based in Brantford, Ontario, is currently recruiting 148 women to test peer-administered CBT for PPD. Researchers will evaluate whether moms… […]