Get to know the Bloom Team
Lisa Tremayne is President of the Bloom Foundation for Maternal Wellness
Lisa Tremayne President, Co-Founder, Board Chair
Mom of 4, NJ native, and recognized leader in the PMAD community Lisa has worked tirelessly for decades to remove stigma, expand awareness and create resources in all things maternal mental health. Speaker, advisor, expert, and lover of dogs, Lisa knows that a health family begins with a happy mama. The Bloom Foundation's leader in program creation and training, Lisa understands that qualified and quality resources and support nationwide are necessary in the fight and treatment of combat maternal mental health disorders. Lisa is a graduate of University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ.

Program Creation
Team Building
Deb Rimmler General Counsel
Deborah Rimmler, as General Counsel, is tasked with protecting the organization’s legal interest and maintaining its operations within the scope established by law. She provides hands-on counsel to all levels of executive staff, identifies and analyzes legal issues, drafts key documents, presents clear recommendations to top management, and assures legal compliance.

Meg Santonacita Secretary General
As Secretary General, Meg plays a critical role in fostering communication and ensuring proper and utilization of important organizational records. Her role is taking shape to meet the unique structure and needs of the organization. Meg has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Georgian Court University.

Judy Bourne Special Events Coordinator
Judy Bourne is a wife and mom of 2. A graduation from Rutgers University, Judy heads up all of Bloom's special events

Special Events
Shannon Hayes is Chief Operating Officer of the Bloom Foundation for Maternal Wellness
Shannon Hayes Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder, Board Member
A New Jersey native and Rutgers University graduate, Shannon brings her background in strategic communications, operations, development, and marketing with major corporations. Shannon is a mom of 3, avid traveler, and big lacrosse fan!

Strategic Operations
Brand Building
Carter Tremayne Treasurer, Co-Founder, Vice Chair of Board
Carter Tremayne, as Treasurer, is tasked with developing fiscal policies to ensure the financial integrity and sustainability of the organization and works with the Board to develop both short and long-term financial strategies. He takes lead in preparing annual budgets and keeps currently informed of legal, regulatory and sector developments relating to the Board’s financial responsibilities. Carter is a graduate of Wilkes University with a B.S. in Accounting.

Samantha Nenninger Director of Peer Support Programs and Bloom Life
Samantha serves as the Director of Peer Support Programs. Samantha oversees all aspects of Bloom Foundation Training and Workshops. She coordinates locations, venues, materials, collaborates with speakers, and provides extended support for Bloom Certified Facilitators. Sam speaks nationally about creating support groups at a local level.

Program Coordination
Stacy Albanir Maternal Mental Health Friendly Certification Coordinator
With over 24 years of project management, IRT, and clinical supplies experience, Stacy heads up the MMHF™ Certification program. Stacy is a New Jersey native, mom of 2 and graduate of Rutgers University.

Program Coordination
Relationship Management
shanno sheffling the bloom foundation
Shannon Scheffling

Shannon is in charge of product research, development and curation for all Bloom certified products. Shannon is also responsible for product partnerships and coordination. Shannon is Rutgers University graduate with a B.S. degree in Environment Policy, Institutions and Behavior.

Head of Product Development
Colleen Tarlton - Moms of Multiples Virtual Group Support Leader
Colleen Tariton
Cassady McManus - NICU Moms Virtual Group Support Leader
Cassady McManus
Melissa Nagel - Birth Trauma Virtual Support Group Leader
Melissa nagel
Sheri Hovdestad, MA, LPC, NCC - Loss Support Group Therapist
Cindy Hyman, LSCW - Loss Virtual Support Group Therapist
Cindy Hyman
Kim Kriesel, MSC, LAC, PMH-C - Trainer - Knowledge Sharing Through Case Studies - AZ
kim kriesel