If you’re new mom and you are not experiencing the expected feelings of joy and excitement, it can be upsetting and confusing.  We want you to know that you’re not alone: Anywhere from 40 to 80 percent of new mothers experience the baby blues – an emotional state of tearfulness, unhappiness, worry, self-doubt, and fatigue. The baby blues typically begin a few days after delivery and go away on their own within a week or two.

However, if your feelings seem unusually intense and have not decreased after a couple of weeks, you are probably wondering whether you will ever feel better again.  You may be feeling very scared, confused, disappointed, sad or angry.  We understand, we’ve been there and it may come as a surprise, but you could be experiencing postpartum anxiety and depression (PPA/D).

If you are wondering whether what you are experiencing is normal new mom stress or something more severe, that needs treatment, we can help.

Hundreds of thousands of women in the U.S., and even more all across the globe, get postpartum depression and related illnesses every year. (credit Postpartum Progress, Inc.)