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  • Trauma, new parenthood, and the pandemic May 15, 2020
    Trauma, new parenthood, and the pandemic by Lita Simanis “In these challenging times,” “we’re all in this together,” “stay at home.” If no one has given you permission to scream or curse from hearing these phrases, allow me to do that. Being exasperated does not diminish the value of these statements that are 1) acknowledging...
  • Featured PSI Member: Jane Honikman May 14, 2020
    Jane Honikman, MS PSI Founder PSI Advisory Council member Author/Coach/Speaker/Trainer I’m thrilled to be able to interview PSI’s founder! Let’s start by looking back a bit further, before PSI. Your degree was in sociology in 1967. What sparked your interest in sociology?  I majored in sociology because I had an interest in neighborhoods, communities and...
  • How to manage your relationship with your spouse during COVID-19 May 11, 2020
    How to manage your relationship with your spouse during COVID-19 By: Megan Richardson, LMFT, NCC There is no doubt that COVID is putting a strain on a lot of aspects of our life, one of them being our relationships. While some couples may find that spending extra time with their spouse is creating additional problems...

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  • How to Be Your Own Mental Health Care Advocate August 15, 2019
    When you're struggling with any perinatal mood or anxiety disorder you need to be your own mental health care advocate to get the best possible care. The post How to Be Your Own Mental Health Care Advocate appeared first on Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative.
  • My Baby Is A Year Old & I Still Have Postpartum Depression August 5, 2019
    Postpartum depression is the most common complication of child birth, affecting upwards of 1 in 4 women every year. It doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone with symptoms that range from feeling isolated, sad and alone all the way to full blown rage and crippling insomnia. While each mom’s experience with postpartum depression is different… […]
  • How Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Affected My Relationship with My Husband July 8, 2019
    Having a new baby puts a lot of strain on a relationship, whether you’re married or not. The dramatic change in routine, your roles and the responsibility of keeping a tiny baby alive will test your relationship in ways that you can’t imagine. My husband and I had been married close to five years before… […]
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