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  • Creating a Self-Care Plan: Part 2 of a 2 Self-Care series November 30, 2018
    Creating a Self-Care Plan: Part 2 of a 2 Self-Care series by Maggie Gurman   Having a self-care mentality: How to Think about It The way we think about our needs can often get in the way of taking the first step. It’s not all or nothing You are not asking for 10 hours of... […]
  • What is self-care? Part 1 of a 2-part self-care series November 23, 2018
    What is self-care? Part 1 of a 2-part self-care series by Maggie Gurman 23 Nov 2018   Self-care? What does it mean…? Any action you take that attends to your basic mental, emotional, and physical needs is considered self-care. Surprisingly, very few women think about, let alone take action on, self-care. A self-care practice asks... […]
  • You’re not Alone November 19, 2018
    You’re not Alone by M. J. Golias 19 Nov 2018 “You’re not alone.” I say this to myself often. Knowing this, because I do know it now, eases the harshness of my anxiety. Acknowledging my triggers allows me to connect the dots, anticipate my patterns, then move forward. As I write this (November), there have... […]

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  • Manage Anxiety During the Holidays with These 5 Simple Strategies November 27, 2018
    It’s no secret that the holiday season can be incredibly stressful and trigger anxiety for many of us. Managing the symptoms of anxiety can be challenging when we’re also trying to get through our to-do lists and take care of our kids. Instead of reacting to symptoms of anxiety when they happen, you can plan… […]
  • As Moms We Need to Start Talking About the Opioid Crisis September 2, 2018
    Over the last four years the opioid crisis has been gaining speed while claiming 100s of thousands of lives. Across the United States it’s estimated that 116 people die from opioid overdose every day. That’s a lot of people. It’s more than those dying in car accidents or from gun violence. Moms Need to Talk… […]
  • I’m a Mom with Anxiety and Depression and Here’s How I Manage Both July 14, 2018
    Anxiety and depression carry with them a lot of stigma and shame. Before I had my son I struggled with both but rarely admitted this anyone, even my doctor. I had a few failed attempts when I tried antidepressants and took up long distance running to balance my mood. It seemed to work and I… […]