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  • MOM CONGRESS 2019 May 24, 2019
    MOM CONGRESS 2019 Jessica Thomas, PSI Support Coordinator for Eastern NC   No matter your view of life I believe we can all come to the consensus that “mommin’ ain’t easy”.  I have been pregnant and or nursing for the past 7 years and with that comes an emotional toll that I was not prepared... […]
  • “If This Is So Common, Why Haven’t I Ever Heard of It?” May 15, 2019
    “If This Is So Common, Why Haven’t I Ever Heard of It?” Jenny Schermerhorn “I think you might have Postpartum Depression” was something a close friend said to me at my first child’s 1-year-old birthday party.  I remember thinking “That’s what bad moms get”.   I blamed myself, and I pushed it aside.  I had no... […]
  • Perinatal OCD Part II May 6, 2019
    Perinatal OCD Part II Catherine Benfield We’re at a point now where parents are beginning to talk openly about the impact of becoming parents on their mental health. Postnatal depression is often in the media, an awareness of postpartum psychosis is finally starting to build. But what if you start experiencing worries about deliberately harming... […]

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  • Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Are Not Your Fault May 21, 2019
    I wanted to know what I could have done differently that may have prevented me from ever having to walk down this road. Why was I now dealing with a debilitating mental health crisis, while also trying to mother a tiny, helpless human? The post Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Are Not Your Fault appeared first […]
  • Marathon of Moms: Your Stories Break Down Stigma February 4, 2019
    Our first ever Marathon of Moms was a huge success and it wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support of our MMHRC community. After putting out our call for your stories of lived experience with maternal mental illness, we received submissions from women from across North America. Common Bonds and Shared Experience It was… […]
  • Alicia’s Story: Nothing About Motherhood Came Naturally to Me January 31, 2019
    After five years, I’ve lost most of the guilt that I’ve carried around for far too long; the shame that accompanies missing out on the first nine months of your baby’s life. Physically I was there and in the eyes of most observers, I was a wonderful, loving mother. Love him – I did –… […]